Everyone who has ever sailed knows that this way of travelling offers a great deal of freedom and enables reaching and exploring all those unique islands, bays, beaches and other amazing places otherwise almost inaccessible. The regions in which we organize charters and rentals provide superb conditions for this sort of leisure.

Charters in Croatia
The sapphire blue sea, picturesque landscapes and charming retreats spread over dozens of tiny islands as well as the exceptional atmosphere of port towns and restaurants – it all makes Croatia one of the most popular destinations among sailors. As the environs of Zadar constitute the essence of this atmosphere, we have chosen the nearby Marina Sukosan as the base for our yachts.

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Charters in Greece
Visiting such an extraordinary country like Greece is a great experience itself. Being the cradle of contemporary civilization and having provided foundations for contemporary culture and arts, the land even today can serve as a source of true inspiration. Traces of rich Greek history can be found almost everywhere. Yet, quaint settlements scattered over the Ionian Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea seduce not only with historical landmarks but also with the today’s exceptional atmosphere of port towns and the abounding seaside wildlife. These indisputable Greek values, hardly accessible in any other way, may constitute the best reason to sightsee the country on board a yacht, but you may also decide to choose a sea voyage due to the challenging and adventurous nature of this way of travelling. We have been in Greece since 2010, we do recommend visiting this exciting country!

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